Yoga Foundations
October 23 (Wednesday) at 5:15 pm

Elise S
Class length
1 hour 30 minutes
Back Studio (2)
This Beginner Yoga series will let you begin with the basics! We will explore the benefits, contraindications, anatomy & how to find YOUR version of the pose lead by Elise Simon.

Guiding you into a shape and giving space to really feel whats happening in your body, starting with your feet and moving up with safety and alignment in mind. This slow exploration allows you to gain muscle memory, which will help create a safe and sustainable, life long practice. Each class will begin with a gentle warm up and Sun Salutations then focusing on a different family of poses - front body, back body, twists, bends, balancing & inversions.

Week One: Warm Ups - 75 min
    - Six movements of the Spine
    - Individual joint warm ups  & sun salutations
Week Two: Back & Front Body - 120 min
    - How to find your variation & usage of props.
    - Tension vs. compression. Up & over.
    - Hinging in the hips & lengthening through the spine.
Week Three: Twists & Bends - 120 min
    - Importance of twists, how to wring the organs
    - Lengthening through the spine while creating space in the lungs
    - Movement guided by breath
Week Four: Balancing & Inversions - 120 min
    - Finding the value in balance & How To's
    - Toe exercises, focal points, using hands as feet
    - Full body & Core engagement.
Week Five: Full Body Practice - 90 min 
    - Putting it all into a practice, going over everything we have covered together
    - Q & A 
    - Continuing your practice

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