Qigong w Liz (30min)-Online
August 13 (Thursday) at 6:00 pm (GMT-07:00)

Online Class

Liz Rogers
Class length
30 minutes
Hosted via https://www.instagram.com/yogainbritanniabeach/ on Instagram 

Qigong An ancient movement practice that purges/rinses, tonifies/strengthens and balances/circulates energy in our psycho-physical body. 

Coming at you from the old growth of the North Shore, we will learn the six healing sounds, microcosmic orbit and Phoenix washes her feathers (sexual qigong). 

 Prepare to challenge your focus - stay inside! That said, I highly recommend practice outdoors. 

This is not a mobility/stretching focused class. In with the gold, out with the smoke! Om shanti!

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