Yoga Nidra (60min)-In-Studio
September 17 (Thursday) at 8:15 pm

Hiiro Prince
Class length
1 hour
Front Studio (1)
Yoga Nidra, derived from the tantras, is conscious relaxation of the body and mind to reach deep states of recovery and regeneration. People often have some passive time, but don't often experience full relaxation; even when rested on the couch, physically settled, we are engaged with our phones, watching TV, talking to our partners or friends. Not genuinely relaxed.

Yogic Sleep, Psychic sleep or Yoga Nidra. Twenty minutes of teachings is equal to 2 hour of deep, rested sleep!

Bring something cozy to wear, socks, water, maybe a journal. Expect a ground based practice of extended shavasana. This is a non-movement based yoga practice.

Please arrive 15m prior to class starting. Due to our COVID protocols, we will not be allowing late-comers (those arriving after 15m prior to class time) to join. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Sorry - that class has already taken place!